Miley Cyrus - A Man, a Woman or Something Else

Miley Cyrus - A Man, a Woman or Something Else

Miley Cyrus is getting married for her beloved Liam Hemsworth, but she still can’t identify her sexual orientation, or even to which sex she belongs.

Miley says that throughout her whole life she never knew neither which sex she is, nor her sexual orientation.

It seems like she hates the word bisexual because it was putting her in ‘’a narrow frame’’.

Being raised in a very religious Southern family, Miley says even then the Universe was telling her that everything will be fine with her, but now she admits that something maybe went wrong.

She is aware that her parents don’t understand her, but that is one of her biggest hopes – that one day they will understand.

Now she declares she doesn’t feel as a heterosexual, nor as a homosexual. She is something neutral. She also openly admits she doesn’t know if she is a man or a woman.

Miley began going out with her ex and simultaneously present boyfriend, the Australian actor – Liam Hemsworth, a year ago after they were apart also for a year.

Unlike, however, their previous love romance when they were both informing us widely about their vicissitudes, now they are quiet as a fish – they keep paparazzi and journalists from the tabloids in painful ignorance and full news blackout.

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