The most Beautiful Journalist, with tears on her eyes - I succumbed

The most Beautiful Journalist, with tears on her eyes - I succumbed

The scandalous journalist Diletta Leotta has admitted to her pain!

Considered unearthly belle Diletta Leotta has been in a nightmare for a few weeks.

The Italian journalist has finally spoken her mind after the huge scandal with her photographs, that burst out on the Internet.

We remind you that the beauty showed up bare naked in the public online space.. her pictures from the bathroom were spread by a still undisclosed person.

Diletta claims she has become a victim of a hacker. According to her, they penetrated her computer through the data from her Facebook account, downloaded hot photos of hers and released them on the Internet.

„I have no clue who that might be, but I consider him as a monster. I’ve been fingered at from all around, I can't even find a moment of rest.

At the beginning, I was trying to ignore everything, but at a certain moment I just succumbed.“ – the gorgeous journalist admits.

Diletta Leotta

However, according to some rumors, Diletta Leotta released the pictures herself to advertise herself. Our singer, Galena, did something similar years ago, which did reflect her career perfectly.

In Leotta’s case, however, it doesn’t seem at all well, because, rumor has it, the television where she works might sack her because of the scandal. In Italy, such failures by public figures are taken rather severely.

Diletta has been a sports journalist for 10 years. She is one of the most well-liked reporters in the country. This is why the scandal involving her lead to a real boom.

It is said that the pictures may have not been stolen by a hacker, but the culprit has acquired them with Leotta’s full consent. Among the suspects are almost all her ex-boyfriends.

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