She is the Most Beautiful Police Officer in the World

She is the Most Beautiful Police Officer in the World

A woman police officer turned into an Internet sensation after publishing photos of her rejuvenated body online.

Germany’s Adrinenne Coleszar has now thousands of followers on the Instagram, having released photographs of her in scarce gym clothing.


31-year old police servicewoman says her bosses have no problems with the pictures, as long as keeps some decency.

Adrienne, who is 1.73 m tall and weighs 64 kilograms, is just bombarded with praises to her account, which has more than 95 000 followers.


Under the photographs from her practices some of her fans ask her to keep them in detention, and other claim they have absolutely fallen in love with her.

Adrienne is a contestant in the bodybuilding competition Bodybuilding-WM in 2015. Apart from that, she is engaged in investigating petite accidents and she also fights cases of domestic violence.


Adrienne works out in the gym 5 times a week after her shift. But she admits that her rejuvenated figure is owed 30% to sports and 70% to healthy nutrition.
One of her favorite meals is protein gruel, which consists of egg yolk and oatmeal.

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