Welcome to the most Expensive Mansion

Welcome to the most Expensive Mansion

With its measurements of nearly 9300 square meters, or twice as big as the territory of the White House, this grand property in California will cost $500 000 000.

As one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in America, Los Angeles’s Bel Air takes pride in pretty many impressive homes, but the new project on one of its hills manages to overshadow all the rest – and it’s not even finished yet.

Behind the bold undertaking are the names of building proprietor and film producer Nile Niami, and architect Paul McClean.

It is expected that construction activities will finish in 2017.

The completed property will include extras that are not typical of other luxurious mansions.

Among them are 5 swimming pools, Monaco-style casino, a night club and bowling hall with four lanes. “We sell lifestyle, way of life that people imagine they could have,” McClean shares.

The price of $500 million also includes the main bedroom, which spreads at 460 square meters, a two-level waterfall, a chamber in which temperature for fresh flowers preservation is controlled, movie theatre with 40 seats, a garage with 30 parking spaces, indoor and outdoor dancing.

Also available are 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms, a gym and a hairdresser’s. With all offered commodities, it is understandable why the working title of the project is “The only one.”

Except for the view to Santa Monica mountain, this mansion may boast neighbors like Hollywood star Jennifer Anniston and business tycoon Elon Musk.

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