A Mother-of-five lost 115 kilos

A Mother-of-five lost 115 kilos

A 35-year old British woman, mother-of-five, lost 115 kilograms and turned into a hit on Instagram, the Daily Mail reports.

A 35-year old British woman

After her kids appeared, Simone Gately from North Yorkshire decided she needed to regain her previous weight.

She started working out actively and eating properly.


The young woman gets up at 5:30 every morning to run for an hour, walk her dogs, and go to work out at the gym twice in the week.

“I’ve always found it easy to combine motherhood with a healthy lifestyle.

But I know lots of women who have a problem, so I help them”, Simone shares.

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The blond belle doesn’t hide that many men often turn to her for advice, too.

They share that their better halves can’t lose the extra weight after giving birth.

“Sometimes I exercise with the children. They perceive it as a game”, she says.

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