Musk to send Robot Miners to Mars

Musk to send Robot Miners to Mars

SpaceX CEO reveals details about his Mars colonization plan.

Special robot miners will help build the Mars colony, Elon Musk announced while talking to users of the Reddit platform.

The questions and answers session was a continuation of the initiative to create a settlement on the Red Planet, presented in September 2016.

Musk pointed out that the robots will help construct a complex hermetic tunnels infrastructure which could then be used by industry.

Domes on the surface, reinforced with carbon fiber and glass, will provide living space.

The first Mars missions will have to solve the main problem – how to provide enough water to produce fuel through a chemical process known as the Sabatier reaction.

Then a spaceship will be sent out, carrying only the necessary materials for building a rocket fuel plant. Later, the first engineers will have to construct the initial base and a comprehensive rocket fuel plant.

According to Musk, the aim is to double the Earth-Mars flights; initially, they will take place every 26 months, until a town has been built on the Red Planet.

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