This New App takes Tinder’s Reputation and makes it bold

This New App takes Tinder’s Reputation and makes it bold

Online dating can get dull, but there is a new program on the scene that promises to bring a little spice to your sex life, termed — appropriately — kind.

Calling itself the “Tinder for fetish enthusiasts,” KinkD isn’t only a hookup app — though app co-founder John Martinek says if that’s what you’re searching for, “more power to you.” It’s about building a community platform to attach members of fringe fetish lifestyles, and for luring in fetish’s faint.
“Our vision is twofold: We’re helping continue to expand the kink society and attach those that are into it,” he said.

Though fetishes and king have infiltrated the mainstream mind — we’re looking at you, “50 Shades of Gray” — Martinek said he and two friends realized the need for this kind of app from their own experiences passing the dating scene.

“Being someone single, I find there are a lot of taboo subjects that people simply do not want to broach when they either meet or start dating — politics, religion and sexual preferences. In lots of those cases, attempting to explain to somebody I’m kind of into bondage, it can freak them out,” Martinek stated.

The most common kink?
After snatching the app, users select their kinky preferences, which can help attach them to other kinksters they may jive with.

Sub and dom roles account for 83% of users, but there’s loads of room to play around, Martinek stated.

kind is focused on developing a secure and private neighborhood for kinky people, with a photo verification feature where users may submit their IDs to confirm their profile photographs.

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