A new Diet is based on DNA Studies

A new Diet is based on DNA Studies

According to Habit, the new healthy nutrition company, the same diet cannot be applied to different individuals.

Habit plans to create personalized nutrition plans after DNA analyses.

Then, the company will deliver suitable food to their customers at home.

Habit claims that each organism processes food differently. That is why diets can be effective for some people and useless for others.

“So far, when developing nutrition plans, diabetologists have stuck to the “one size fits all” strategy, and have often failed in their results.

A profound analysis of the way the human body functions allowed us to create a method for generating nutrition regimes that suit each organism”, said Alan Greene, Habit’s pediatrician, and physiotherapist.

For blood samples, Habit will send small sets by mail, complete with all necessary instruments and tubes to store the genetic material.

What is more, all customers will receive a drink called “Metabolic Challenge”.

The liquid contains various fats, sugars, and carbohydrates, which put the stomach to the test.

After drinking, some more tests will have to be made to show how the body processes fats and sugars.

The nutrition regime corresponds to an organisms’ genome and functions!

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