New Solar Farm with Panda Face in China

New Solar Farm with Panda Face in China

Panda Green Energy Group, the energy company, has assembled the panels in the shape of a giant panda.

This distinct solar panda farm was constructed in the province of Shanxi, and Panda Green expects this is merely the first of a hundred panda-themed solar farms that the business is planning to build. All 100 plants’ cost is estimated to be approximately $3 billion.

As well as building possibly heaps of solar farms, the business expects the friendly panda faces will provide Chinese citizens a better appreciation and understanding of solar energy.

Panda Green has also built an education center geared toward teaching children.

Panda Green Energy1

The very first panda solar farm, also termed the Panda Power Plant, has been constructed in 2 phases.

The first stage, which was just completed, provides a 50-megawatt electricity output to the plant. The plant’s capacity will double 100 megawatts homes when the phase is completed.

If the company reaches its objective of 12 gigawatts of energy the company could reduce CO2 emissions by just about half a billion tons over the next few decades.

With some luck, rather than rescuing pandas, the pandas could just save us.

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