OCTOPUS - The Luxury Yacht of Paul Allen

OCTOPUS - The Luxury Yacht of Paul Allen

Bill Gate’s bestie Paul Allen not only went to the same Seattle high school with him but eventually went into business with him co-founding Microsoft in 1975. Hello, big bucks.

Paul Allen ended up leaving Microsoft due to health issues but reinvented himself after beating the disease.

He focused a lot of his time living large and investing in his beautiful megayacht Octopus.

His superyacht features two helipads, making it easy to access this ship from any location.

Other onboard features include multiple game rooms, a spa, recording studio, hot tub, swimming pool, movie theater, and two submarines.

Good news ladies, Allen is still single so if you’re looking for both a yacht and a date…I mean, he is the 39th richest person in the world worth about $18 billion.

When he is not traveling the world on his beautiful boat, he is busy owning the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers.

If you’re not really into the adventurous type or the sports-fan type – don’t worry.

He is also quite the brainiac having founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Science.

Source: WeekendCollective.com

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