Why do we often do things at the last moment

Why do we often do things at the last moment

Learn more about Cyril Parkinson’s law and its relation to our prolificacy!

Has it occurred to you in your university years consistently to write your course assignments a few hours before the deadline? Have you reproached yourselves about it? In fact, the strategy you have chosen has lead to maximum efficiency on your part.

According to Cyril Parkinson’s Law „work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. In practice, if you predict more time than it takes for an assignment, you would complete it for longer time than it would have taken. In the meantime, if you foresee less than the necessary time you tend to reduce the volume of the task to a maximum rate. You also risk something else to turn up at the last moment and prevent you from doing what you have planned.

At finding balance it may turn out helpful if you ask yourself the following question: “If I focused on this assignment and on nothing else, how much time would it take?” And thus, to set yourself a deadline.

See more about Parkinson’s Law and how we can use it to our benefit in the following vide:


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