Over 1 million Google accounts attacked by a virus

Over 1 million Google accounts attacked by a virus

Malware is lurching behind Android users, camouflaged as legitimate applications for smartphones and tablets.

The pseudo-application has already slammed on the accounts data of over 1 million Google users.

The first cases were in August, says the investigation report by Israeli security company Check Point Software Technologies.

The Trojan horse malware for Android is called Gooligan and was found in 86 pseudo-applications. The software infects about 13 000 devices daily, according to Market Watch.

The apps entice with well-known names and hide behind harmless-looking designations such as StopWatch, Perfect Cleaner and WiFi Enhancer.

But the virus takes advantage of certain defects in the older versions of the mobile OC, which allow apps to take control over smart devices. The malicious software also makes it possible to install more applications without authorization.

Some of these applications use their victim’s username and password to leave false feedback.
The Gooligan applications come from third-party app stores and are not allowed into Google’s Play Store.

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