Palazzo di Amore is the most Expensive Property in the USA

Palazzo di Amore is the most Expensive Property in the USA

The Beverly Hills mansion still holds the Number 1 spot in the chart with the stunning price of $149 million, even after the initially asked sum was diminished by $ 46 million.

Last year, Palazzo di Amore was named for sale for the price of $195 million. The amount managed to attract interest to the property, turning it into America’s most expensive, but seemingly repelled the potential buyers.

This is the reason for the expected drop in the price.

The mansion’s owner, contractor Jeff Greene, had a hard time deciding to decrease the price as he spent the last 8 years expanding and renovating it. In 2007, he bought the Mediterranean villa for just $35 million.

The property spreads at a total territory of 25 acres in Beverly Hills. Its residential area covers 3250 square meters, this not including the fun area and guest houses, with which a total of almost 10 000 square meters of the terrain are covered. 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, including a main bedroom of no less than 464 square meters, a glass floor at the story over the swimming pools – these are just a few of the impressive extras in Palazzo di Amore.

At the entrance, guests are met by 70-year-old olive trees.

The alleyway first leads them to the fun area, where dinners for 250 people can take place, movies can be watched, or bowling played. An impressive ballroom with rotating dancing and a laser light system is also available.

An enormous swimming pool, a fountain, a waterfall, a spa center, a barbecue and a tennis court contribute to Palazzo di Amore’s luxurious atmosphere.

The property’s wine house produces its brand of wine, and this is why there are two wine cellars in the villa – one of them having a capacity for preservation of 3 000 bottles, and the other for preservation of 10 000 bottles.

The property also has a parking lot for 150 cars, and a garage for 27.

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