Pamela Anderson said Goodbye to America

Pamela Anderson said Goodbye to America

Pamela Anderson plans to completely stop with the acting. For this will contribute her intention to go and live in Europe forever.

The 49-years-old actress admitted she is now looking for a residence in Paris or London.

She dreams for a long time to leave Hollywood.

Anderson revealed that in Europe right now lives a lot of her close friends.

For the last few years, Pamela spends more and more time fighting for the rights of the animals and she is an activist in a lot of charity campaigns.

After she moves she plans to keep with the charity.

‘’I am tired of waiting when the government will start taking some serious measures for preventing the climate changes.

I want to convince as much as possible people to go to the ‘’green’’, i.e. ecological energy’’ – she says.

Pam rarely shows herself on the big screen or the magazine covers.

After all, in May her fans would be able to see her in the movie ‘’Baywatch’’, even though it would be just for an episode role.

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