Project Cullinan is the future Rolls-Royce SUV

Project Cullinan is the future Rolls-Royce SUV

Did you expect that the SUV disease would somehow spare Rolls-Royce?

What is more, right at this moment the prize for the most luxurious sports utility vehicle has turned into a sign of recognition and prestige and is increasingly sought after.

After Land Rover laid the foundations of this niche some years ago with their super-luxury Range Rover versions, all car manufacturers gradually followed suit, as long as they had SUV models in their family – Mercedes with their GL, Lexus with their top models, even BMW to an extent with the X5, Audi with the Q7 and Porche with Cayenne.

In recent years even companies like Bentley, who have never set foot outside paved roads, presented their Bentayga; Maserati did the same with the Levante.

It is arguable to what extent the epithet “luxurious” applies to these cars, but we do think new standards will be set from now on.

Rolls-Royce SUV

Project Cullinan is a fact, and the company which produces some of the most luxurious “toys” on the planet did not hesitate to inform its clients and fans about the intensive development of this program.

Yesterday the first test mule was shown, made to develop and test the new 4×4 drive and the suspension for all types of terrain, as well as the radically new aluminum architecture which will be the base of all new Rolls-Royce cars from 2018 onwards.

The test car will travel through different locations around the world, following a challenging testing schedule, to make sure the final product is “efficient – everywhere”.

For example, right after Christmas, Project Cullinan will enter the Polar Circle for a series of tests for endurance in extremely low temperatures and a traction check.

Later in 2017 it will be sent into the Middle East, to be tried in the highest temperatures possible and the rough desert conditions.

“This is a really exciting moment in the Project Cullinan development, both for Rolls-Royse and for the luxury-lovers who follow us around the world”, said Torsten Muller-Otvos, the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

“By uniting the new 4×4 drive and the new “luxury architecture”, we find ourselves for the first time on the road to creating an authentic Rolls-Royce, which, like its ancestors, will set a standard that will serve to evaluate all other luxury products.”

We hardly have anything to add; hardly could anyone doubt that these words will come true, bearing in mind the quality of this company’s products so far.

We only need to prepare our aristocratic wine glasses, the old-time rifle and wait for the time to go out hunting, surrounded by a Rolls-Royce atmosphere.

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