Proven - this music pulls Stress Levels down by 65%

Proven - this music pulls Stress Levels down by 65%

British neurobiologists from Mindlab International promise that listening to “Weightless” by Marconi Union will reduce your stress levels by 65%.

The scientists organised a research session with 26 participants who were given difficult tasks, causing different levels of stress.

The tasks had to be solved while listening to different kinds of music. Using sensors, the researchers measured brain activity, heart pace, blood pressure and breathing, while the participants were working and listening to music.

According to David Lewis-Hodgson from Mindlab International, the piece which resulted in the highest levels of relaxation was “Weightless”. It lowered tension by 65%.

The more interesting part is that the melody was created by sound terapists exactly for this purpose.

See which musical piece can help us relieve tension, accoriding to scientists:

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