The Richest Persons in history

The Richest Persons in history

The division between rich and poor always existed in the human nature.

Everyone is trying to become rich but a few achieve it. Immerse, inhuman work is required and a bit of luck, in order to become a millionaire in a honest way, but can you imagine owning billions?

Here are 10 people in the world history, accumulated the largest capital according to Expanded Ramblings.

10. Amansio Ortega is a Spaniard, born in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War. His fortune was 64.5 billion dollars and it have been accumulated from business transactions.

9. Warren Buffett was born during the Great Depression and he is the biggest player on Wall Street. His fortune is equivalent to 72.2 billion dollars.

8. Carlos Slim has a huge telecommunication network that has brought him 77.1 billion of the US currency.

7. The software magnate Bill Gates occupies the seventh position with 78.9 billion.

6. Cornelius Van Der Bild lived in the 19th century and has earned his 185 billion from the construction of rail routes in the US.

5. Allen “Red” is a nephew of William the Conqueror, and also he possessed huge finances, nearly 194 billion dollars.

4. John Rockefeller is a synonym of wealth and there is a reason for that. His fortune counted by current money is 341 billion dollars and it was acquired by his petrol empire.

3. Andrew Carnegie is another American entrepreneur from the late 19th century. He was involved with the production and the sale of iron and he reached a profit of 372 billion.

2. Mansa Musa was a great King of Mali and he lived in the 13th and 14th century. His wealth is equivalent to 400 billion dollars, but he is not even close to the richest man in history.

1. Rightfully, we can say that Octavian Augustus was the richest man in the history of the world. He possessed a personal fortune of $ 4 trillion, and besides that half of the world known at these times kneeled in front of him.

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