Robots will take the Jobs of 2.4 Million of working Japans Till 2030

Robots will take the Jobs of 2.4 Million of working Japans Till 2030

The number of workplaces in Japan will be lowered with 2,4 million till the year of 2030 in connection to the introduction of robots with artificial intelligence, it is written in the report of the research institute Mitsubishi.

The changes, that the development of artificial intelligence can bring, in particular – in the production, will lead to cutting off workplaces. In this connection we should think about creating a system, which will guarantee a stable minimal income for these who will lose their jobs – stated the institute.

According to experts, the jobs will firstly be introduced in the industry, in the sphere of services and sales, where the workplaces will be lowered to 7,4 million.

Such a sharp cut off won’t be able to be compensated even at the expense of the forecasted increase in the number of experts in robotics and artificial intelligence to 5 million to 2030.

At the same time, the development of the technology and the androids’ creation and their implementation in the economy, at the discretion of “Mitsubishi” will lead to an increase in Japan’s GDP of 50 trillion yen (432 billion. dollars) in 2030, which is 10% of GDP in 2015.

Japan’s population in 2015 was 127 million. About 67 millions of them are citizens of working age (18-65 years).

The Japanese Ministry of Health, however, predicts that by 2060 the number of japans at working age will drop to 38 million because of the low birth rates and the aging society.

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