Samsung to release Galaxy 8 with a brand New Display

Samsung to release Galaxy 8 with a brand New Display

The largest smartphone producer has been designing a new type of display for its Galaxy 8. It will cover the whole front of the device and is expected to be released on the market in 2017.

One of the innovations is that there will be no Home button, according to insider sources, cited by Bloomberg.

The display will be equipped with a virtual button, covered in glass and placed low on the screen, added the source, who asked to remain anonymous. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) will be used to make the new display.

After the battery hitch in Galaxy Note 7, which sent the flagman into history, Samsung now needs Galaxy 8 to become a hit among users. A fiasco might cost over 6 billion dollars.

The South Korean giant is fighting strong Chinese competition; what is more, Apple has recently announced an intention to implement OLED screens, which are much thinner and consume considerably less power.

Samsung is planning to show the new model in March, but that could be postponed till April, sources have pointed out.

At the moment the company is applying stricter testing procedures after Galaxy Note 7, which might delay the Galaxy 8 release by a month.

The device will be of the same size as its predecessor.

The company also plans to present an improved version of its digital assistant, which will obey voice commands to send messages, make calls and prepare schedules.

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