Scientists discovered the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Scientists discovered the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The secret of the Bermuda Triangle, the place where it turns out that hundreds of planes and ships disappeared in unclear circumstances , is maybe finally uncovered – or leastwise this is what Science Channel says.

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Team of American scientists from the Colorado University have analyzed satellite meteorological images of this notorious section and noticed series of unusual hexagonal clouds above them.

According to the meteorologists these clouds can serve like a real “air bombs”

Bermuda Triangle

It is believed that they are the main reason of the deadly air explosions, which easily can overtop 170mph.

This wind with force of a hurricane literally blows up the air and is able to make waves of more than 45 feet height.

Not a single ship is able to survive such storm and not a single plane is able to endure such wind.

The clouds usually don’t form straight edges. Nevertheless, if we judge by the satellite images, the Bermuda triangle is an exception of this rule.

The announcement of this theory is motivated by later done researches.

Scientists from the whole world are trying to understand what are the reasons for these anomalies.

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Let’s bring to mind that the Bermuda Triangle is situated in a large area in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda islands.

This region is famous with his mysterious phenomena. If we go back to reports from the year 1945, we can read about the disappearing of 5 American torpedo boats and a plane, sent to find them.

From this day, another 75 planes and hundreds of ships were lost.

The most recent tragedy happens in 2015, when the cargo ship “El Faro” disappeared in this region.

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