A shocking revelation about Cristiano Ronaldo dumbfounds the world

A shocking revelation about Cristiano Ronaldo dumbfounds the world

Cristiano Ronaldo turned out to have some pretty strange preferences in some bearings, which puts his manhood under question!

World football’s megastar is a womanizer and has always been such. The Portuguese love variety and that is no stranger to anybody else.

The Royals’ footballer has not been only with 100% women. He tried some of the ladies that are crowned with the title „trans“.

Of course, immediately went the rumors that in the Catalan capital people are deliberately trying to damage Cristiano Ronaldo’s image, since they are sworn enemies of Real Madrid. But is that exactly the case?

There are rumors that Portuguese international was bragging in front of his teammates that he scored with a person from the “third gender”.

He told them the creature in question was entirely like a woman in its upper bodyside, mind you, a very beautiful woman, but down there she had male traits.

The topic of Cristiano Ronaldo’s manliness has been main for several months. After he called, in the game against Atletico Madrid, an opponents’ player “a queer”, the whole world pealed.

Then, however, Cristiano was challenged by the opponent in question, and supposedly, he said it ironically.

This week it was heralded that another player had been with a “trance” lady. This is Milan Ghanaian forward Niang, who had dealings with this kind of person.

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