A surprise from Ferrari! Japan will be enjoying a new Collector’s J50

A surprise from Ferrari! Japan will be enjoying a new Collector’s J50

Each and every Ferrari car is a very special car; but when it comes to anything coming out of Ferrari’s Special Projects division, things just leave the realm of the well-known and words to become weak and inadequate.

In line with the spirit of „Ferrari Special Projects“, J50 is a two-seater, Targa-topped car, with its engine, placed centrally in the back, which sentimentally reminds us of many adored car models from the ’70s and ’80s.

Each of the 10 exclusive vehicles, following Ferrari’s „Fuoriserie” spirit, will be tailored according to clients’ individual requirements.

Based on the 488 Spider, J50 has a special, 690hp version of the well-known 3.5-liter V8, which won the “Engine of the Year” award.

The coupe is completely restyled, radically futuristic and specifically individualistic, which should appeal to customers searching for innovative styling.

The designers’ aim was to create a low-hung roadster, with the agility and ease of movement typical for a Ferrari.

To achieve this, the outline of the side windows plays merrily with the emphatic black line starting at the low muzzle, over the doors and disappearing into the air-vents behind them.

The glass itself reminds of a racer’s visor on those open-air racing Barchetta’s from as early as the ’50s; and the thick black line mentioned above, slowly rising from the front backward, takes us back to the legendary F40 and F50 and makes the car look even lower.

The bonnet is slightly concave in the middle, arched above the wheels, highlighting muscle – typical for Ferraris with centrally placed engines.

Two carbon air-vents and the dynamic profile of the LED headlights additionally emphasize the bonnet’s shape.

The finely shaped boot is dominated by the clear polycarbonate lid over the engine, which seems to put it in a frame as a graceful continuation of the two rollbars above the passengers’ heads.

The additional air-bridge in-between them revives one of the most characteristic elements of Ferrari’s sports prototypes design of the 1960s.

The four rear lights make the car visually wider; placed under a non-intrusive aerodynamic element, they add aggression to the car’s appearance and make yet another step towards the return of double rounded stop-lights of the past.

The rear diffuser with its massive exhaust pipes add power and hint on the potential of the mechanics. The 20-inch wrought-steel rims boast a unique design, created exclusively for this model’s limited series.

Inside, like on the boot outside, a specific combination of upholstery adorns the seats and completes the vehicle’s character.

The carbon panels of the two-section roof fit easily behind the seats, should they be removed; we are actually sure they will most often be left behind in the garage, as no owner would intentionally take the car out in bad weather and suffer a barrier between the purr oh the engine and their own ears, between the open air and their heads.

We love special edition Ferraris so much; this brand new work of art has made our hearts thump again, and just imagine the supreme pleasure of visual perfection combined with the acoustic symphony from the engine, and the sensual nirvana reached with the touch of the chassis and wheel…

This is more than enough to make us ready to sacrifice a vital organ just to have it. Well, Ferrari will charge us a couple of thousands more, or maybe a couple of millions, who knows…

And yet, we do envy the Japanese, with an envy that is no so noble after all!

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