Taylor Swift with Diamond Bath which cost more than $10M

Taylor Swift with Diamond Bath which cost more than $10M

Taylor Swift just fake-bathes in real diamonds.

It ends up the bathtub packed with rubies in Swift’s brand-new “Look What You Made Me Do” music video was authentic, chock filled with lent pieces from star jewelry expert Neil Lane.

A source informs Page Six the various karat weights in jewels– including those in the tub and that Swift is putting on (and also attacking)– deserve well over $10 million. We’re told a “ridiculous” quantity of protection was entailed.

Much of the styles seem classic as well as period pieces from Lane’s safe.

A serpent ring injury around Swift’s left ring finger– a nod to the imagery she’s been utilizing to tease her brand-new album– seems the same piece Zoe Saldana wore to the 2013 Oscars. Swift uses a 2nd serpent ring on her right hand as well as attributes various other serpent recommendations throughout the video.

Swift’s brand-new video clip has also been bathed in controversy as well as conspiracy theory concepts because of its launch at Sunday’s VMAs.

Some followers had guessed that the bathtub scene is a referral to Swift sparring partner Kim Kardashian’s Paris break-in last loss when she was bound and left in a tub. Numerous bucks well worth of Kardashian’s fashion jewelry was swiped.

Individuals are also ringing that the single dollar bill drifting in Swift’s tub among the diamonds is a nod to the symbolic $1 negotiation she won this summer season when a court discovered that a radio host had groped her.

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