Tesla powered around the island with Solar Energy

Tesla powered around the island with Solar Energy

The electric cars manufacturer Tesla finalized the takeover of SolarCity for $2.6 billion. To celebrate the event, Tesla announced a massive project for a solar energy system. By implementing it, Tesla will provide power for a whole island with solar panels and batteries.

The installation has the capacity to generate power enough to cover “almost 100 %” of the needs of the 600 locals of Ta’u island, part of American Samoa, says CNBC.

The project aims to show the benefits of the SolarCityy takeover on the ambitions for clean energy integration.

The site is equipped with more than 5000 solar panels and 60 Tesla batteries, which make up an energy microgrid on the island.

The company claims that the project will compensate for the expenditure of over 109.500 gallons of diesel each year, as well as solve the power cuts problems for households on the island.

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