Truth or self-deception - a parable

Truth or self-deception - a parable

A villager once noticed his purse was gone. He searched the whole house, but it was nowhere to be found, so he realised he had been robbed. In his mind, he went through all visitors in the recent days and he decided he knew who the thief was – the neighbours’ boy. He had dropped in right before the purse went missing, so it was unlikely that someone else could have stolen it.

The next time the man met the boy, he noticed a number of signs confirming his suspicions in the youth’s behaviour. The boy himself felt embarrassed under his neighbour’s gaze, and preferred to avoid him, looking guilty. In short – every word, every gesture gave the thief away.

But the villager had no proof, so he did not know what to do. Every time he met the youth, the boy looked guiltier and guiltier, and the villager grew angrier and angrier.

Finally his anger was too much and the villager decided to go to the boy’s father and officially accuse his son. At that moment his wife called:

“See what I found behind the bed!”, she said and handed him the missing purse with the money.
The next day, the villager was still watching the youth’s behaviour – nothing in the boy’s demeanour suggested he was a thief…

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