Weight Loss - Game Changer you need

Weight Loss - Game Changer you need

Jeff Spence was a person with health issues.

The Philadelphia resident (who’d been obese his whole lifetime) has been fighting a losing struggle to lose the unwanted pounds. Not only was he on medication he was having success sustaining any long-term effects with other fitness strategies and diet programs.

I was quite unhealthy and understood I had to take some extreme actions to aid with weight reduction, says Spence.

Only one year following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB) surgery, Jeff dropped a total of 165 lbs.

It has been over a year and a half because surgery, and I have been sustaining that ever since, he states, adding that he had been pleasantly surprised by exactly how fast he started to shed the weight.

“However, the program in Hahnemann does an excellent job of preparing the individual for what to expect.”

This contains service groups and frequent communicating.

Based on Spence, these tools helped enable him. While he is pleased with the results, Spence viewpoints his surgery as the first step toward a healthy lifestyle; not a fast fix. He sees for shedding the weight, as a tool.

The surgery — coupled with exercise and a healthful diet was what changed his life.

Possessing a smaller stomach pouch causes the individual to feel full and eat food.

Bypassing some of the small intestines signifies fewer calories are absorbed by that the individual’s entire body. Hahnemann also provides another surgical alternative, the Sleeve Gastrectomy.

This minimally invasive procedure permanently removes 85% of their stomach, which makes a cylindrical or “sleeve-shaped” stomach, which lessens the total amount of food which could be consumed at one time, and provides a protracted sense of fullness.

Each member of the care team is dedicated to providing each patient with guidance, education and support requirements to achieve achievement. Hahnemann's surgical weight loss plan is for men and women that are unsuccessful and are 100 pounds or more overweight.

For Spence, surgery was exactly what jump-started him right into a much healthier lifestyle.

Another advantage has to do with him.

”For somebody who’s already been heavy their entire life, there is a freedom of motion I’ve now that can not be described if you don’t understand it,” he states. “I could run a 5K today with minimal difficulty, and that I never envisioned that.”

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