Where Did Warren Buffet Invest his Money in 2016

Where Did Warren Buffet Invest his Money in 2016

In 2013, Warren Buffet called the airline industry “a trap”.
A couple of years later, he has changed his mind and invests considerable sums exactly in that same industry.

The US investor’s conglomerate Веrkѕhіrе Наthаwау announced in mid-November that during the third quarter of 2016 it had bought share packages in the Аmеrісаn, Unіtеd Соntіnеntаl and Dеltа airlines.
Simultaneously, Buffet himself confirmed acquiring shares in another company within the air transport field – Ѕоuthwеѕt.

After Веrkѕhіrе Наthаwау’s airline investments became known, these companies attract more attention at the stock exchange. Delta’s shares rose by 5%, those of American – by 7%, Southwest’s shares went up by 13%, and United’s – by 14%, says CNN Money.

In the course of the past year, Warren Buffet bet heavily on the technology sector too, investing in giants such as Apple, IBM and Verizon.

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