See in which countries having an affair is taken as fun

See in which countries having an affair is taken as fun

In some countries having an affair is considered a crime, while in some others it is taken as something normal. It can be the end of a relationship, the beginning of new love or simply a deviation.

Belgium– 40% confess to having an affair.
Belgium is known for its lovely small towns, fragrant beer and delicious chocolate. Probably, beer helps Belgians to lose their restraints, chocolate raises libido and lovely towns offer romantics.

Norway – 41% confess to being unfaithful.
Interestingly with Norwegians, their love adventures soar in the warm months, while in the long cold winter they are exemplary and loving. In the summer, however, they go absolutely crazy.
Интересно при норвежците е, че любовните им авантюри се увеличават през топлите месеци, а през студената и дълга зима те са примерни и любящи. През лятото обче изтрещяват здраво.

France – 43 % have an affair.
63% of Frenchmen sat it is impossible to love someone for a lifetime, even if you are unfaithful to them. Only 28% of those, who admitted to having been infidel, say that they later feel guilty.

Germany – 45 % admit to infidelity.
60% of the Germans say that being unfaithful is morally acceptable. 43% of women admit they have had an affair, being on the first spot with that amongst women in the European Union.
Other countries in which adultery is most common event are: Italy 45%, Denmark 46% and Thailand with of 56% of unfaithfulness. See more at:

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