Who is going to buy the Playboy mansion

Who is going to buy the Playboy mansion

Hugh Heffner’s emblematic mansion or, in other words, the dream house of every bachelor, can now be bought for USD 200 million. This is one of the highest price offer for a private residence in the United States.

A tennis court, a basketball court, a swimming pool and a total of 29 rooms which are projected and furnished in Gothic style are some of the “extras” of the legendary mansion. The most emblematic thing, however, remains the Playboy cave, which was a home to voluptuous parties, organized by charismatic Mr. Heffner over the years.

The one-time home of some of the most beautiful women in the world has all conveniences, including its own zoo. This is not surprising, having in mind that its total territory is over 1 850 square meters at the heart of Holmby Hills, and 3.5 acres of land are attached to it. Except “the bunnies”, inhabitants of the house are several kinds of birds, peacocks, flamingo, monkeys and others.

Another curious fact is that it is the only mansion in Los Angeles with constant pyrotechnics license.
Playboy bought the property in 1971, it being constructed way back in 1927, and its former owner was no other than famous grandmaster Louis D. Statham. Hugh Heffner bought the house for just $1.1 million, as he thought it would be the biggest real property acquisition in those days.

Who might be the next owner and whether or not they will keep the emblematic property’s fame is about to become known.

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