Why are People nasty at Times

Why are People nasty at Times

The answer is sure to surprise…

We encounter them all the time in everyday life. Petty, jealous comments, bad jokes at someone’s expense, sarcastic remarks, sneering, provoking comments…

These things hurt much more than we realise. When trying to explain why this happens, we usually assume ourselves to be the tortured ones, the victims, the undeserving.

But this is far from the truth, reveals The School of Life in a new video, published in their YouTube channel.

People behave badly because they are suffering. They are feeling pain themselves.

The only reason to hurt is because they have also been hurt, deep inside. They are spiteful, nasty or eager to humiliate because they are not feeling well either.

A person who feels good has no need to make others feel bad. When we have to deal with a nasty person, the best we can do is look beyond their aggression and respond with compassion or forgiveness, The School of Life advises.

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