Why we should be grateful for hard Times in Life

Why we should be grateful for hard Times in Life

Life is not fair. It is easy to indulge in vain hope that if we work hard and live a decent, useful life, we are protected from hardships.

This is not so at all. Difficult times can befall each and every one of us, at any time. Our lives will see moments of failure, rejection, separation, spontaneous rudeness…

There wil be moments when things will go upside down and backwards and it will seem too hard just to go on living. In those moments, we will wish we could just leave this world behind.

But suffering is just in the course of things, The School of Life reminds us in its latest inspiring video in its YouTube channel. Life can go wrong and it does go wrong in every individual’s lifetime.

The only way to get through it is to learn to fight and show resilience. We might wish we could hide below ground or retreat in our safe shell. But going out and facing problems is the challenge.

Hardship means things are happening. Being rejected or hurt does not mean our life has gone irretrievably wrong. This is proof that we have found something worth living for.

They prove we have discovered something to go on living for!

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