A woman battle with her boyfriend about who is the better diver

A woman battle with her boyfriend about who is the better diver

A female was recorded having a funny debate with her sweetheart over whether she is a far better scuba diver compared to Tom Daley.

Brad Holmes published the amusing video of his poolside discussion with Jen Davies while on holiday in Portimão, Portugal, on Facebook.

Brad, a ‘net prankster,’ has 2.3 million Facebook followers and also is known on social media for his amusing videos – commonly sketches involving his girlfriend.

The latest clip has likewise gone viral, with people discovering the exchange very enjoyable.

Brad firmly insists Jen isn’t really like she assumes she is at diving, but she is so confident she decides to place her abilities to the test.

The video clip begins with him stating: “You have not grasped diving.”

Jen that is sunbathing by the swimming pool reverses to him as well as frustrated states “yes I have.”

They remain to quarrel regarding whether she has actually or hasn’t already understood diving in an exchange Brad calls “awkward”.

He asserts it takes years to grasp the sport however she does not agree, as well as gets a growing number of disappointed.

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When he asks her the length of time she has been practicing for, she responds “a day” as well as thinks that suffice.

Brad says back stating: “Tom Daley, as well as all of them, take years to master diving and they’re still not winning every little thing. It takes years, Jen.”

Jen inquiries say: “Exactly what’s expert if you cannot win the Olympics, Brad?”

With great sentence, she adds: “I could win the Olympics with my diving, in one day.”

His fuse is obtaining shorter; Brad spouts out: “You couldn’t win the youngsters club, not to mention the Olympics.”

She informs him her diving is “unreal” but when he contradicts that, she determines to reveal him just what she’s made from.

Not phased by the various other holidaymakers about, Jen rises as well as with an identified stride going to the pool where she displays her best dive.

Laughing at her, Brad says he is no better than Dale before making the whole situation “absurd” as he struggles to come back from the pool.

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